A Toast To Better Things: 2016


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“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” - Plato

2015 has been the year of awakenings for me; never came a time this past year where I didn't learn something new about the world each day nor about the people who populate it. It had also been a year of reflection: about myself, the people I choose to surround myself with, the ones who I've detached myself from, what gets me going and what makes me cringe in the middle of the night. But before a new page turns and every time in space resets itself accordingly to brand new set of 365 more days, here are 10 things I've learned in 2015:


 1) Be content with yourself first - happiness can never be found or trusted upon the hands of others. People only need you when they don't have anyone else; make yourself feel special not through anyone else. True happiness comes from within.

2) STAY WOKE. STAY ACTIVE. Keep your ears, your eyes open and your mouth ready for action.

3) Never stop wandering. Walk, run, jump, whatever the distance - GO! Because you only have some many more years until you can't anymore. Never take your health for granted. 

4) Let go of bad thoughts. Nothing good ever comes out out of those.

5) Your feelings are always valid. Take time off to invest in them because they are vital to your existence. 

6) I should've taken organic chemistry in the summer.

7) Clubs are only enjoyable with friends. Otherwise, save your money because getting wasted is always more fun when it's with good company.

8) It's toxic to let people take advantage of your kindness. Always be humble, but also be a bitch sometimes when you need to be.

9) Who needs to go out when you can online shop? Ebay? More like EBAE.

10) Pizza is still good.


art by @frances_cannon

Once again, HUGE shoutout to everyone who has made my 2015 unforgettable - keep on keepin' on cos you is amazing! But also a big thank you to those who made 2015 hard and destructive, because I needed a reality check every now and then. I want to (hopefully) achieve a lot in 2016 so here goes only about a quarter of my list: 

1) I want to do more dance classes in the new year, specifically hip-hop because I can't give myself fully to just exercising repetitively at the gym (although going to the gym regularly is another goal for the new year!).

2) A YouTube channel sounds great to me every day, the more I think about it. But it would be hard starting for scratch but I do love to talk and it's much easier than maintaining a blog.

3) I want to continue eating two servings of fruits each day. Also, give more love to vegetables.

4) I still want to continue with working on being okay with being alone; fuelling my own positivity from doing things by myself and not having to worry about those that only need me when they feel like it. I've come to realize some people won't ever bend their backs for you and sometimes the value of me wanting to befriend others can be degraded because I seek too much out of people when I should be concentrating on myself.

2016 will be the year of ME. And all of these promises start tomorrow.

see you next year,

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