Self-Rule is the New Chic


Oversized Button-down (Gap)
- What's up? 
 Growing up, I've always loved being alone and doing things under my own supervision. Whether it was shopping or eating at restaurant or going for walks, the image of me isolated by myself amongst couples, families and other masses never seemed to tickle my mind. Being an introvert, I could be a mega social butterfly if I really wanted to. But as my body grew older, so did my mind. I grew tired fast whenever I exceeded my social limits of constant chattering and laughing. In other words, I always needed time on my own to recharge before I could go out and re-embark the world and everyone else in it.  There have been countless moments, whether be my family or my friends, where I have been questioned about doing things on my own. "You went shopping by yourself?","Why would you want to go to the theatres alone?", "Isn't it sad drinking by yourself?", "Go with me! I won't go unless you go." As I scrambled for answers, I found out there were none. And there never will be because my own company was good enough. It seems suddenly that this status of attending something or going anywhere was a matter of image, rather than companionship. Don't get me wrong! Friendship is a true gem and I wish it upon anyone who seeks it or already has it. But everyone just seems to find it out-of-place if a human being like me is having a great time without being surrounded by a group of people or a significant other by his/her side. As if there was really no purpose in going out unless one had the company of someone else. Alas, I find it so satisfying when I can slowly take my time browsing through stores and streets without the rush or the unnecessary panic to fill up the silence in-between speech. 


As a matter-of-fact, people are probably judging me right now thinking I'm writing this fuelled from my own loneliness. But in fact, I have many friends out there whom I have excellent connections with. Old and new friends; close and distant friends. I don't have to do anything or go anywhere with my friends or strangers to appear like I was having a great time, especially if I don't need to. There is often this misconception that if you did more things with more than one party (yourself), things would be more livelier and fun. But when it comes down to it, it's more dependant on the quality of people you did these things with. I don't have to force myself to be more sociable even if I don't even have the spirit to do so. Once I stopped trying so hard and went under my own pace, everything fell into place. I am my own best friend, my own lover and my own party first. A rad accomplice and an excellent listener to you second. 

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

A song for every mood I ever had.

yours until the end of time,

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