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Black Button-down (H&M| Necklace (F21)

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 Before we move on, please excuse the lack of creativity and originality in my Halloween costume in this photo. Also please excuse the fact that I am always incapable of capturing a decent picture of the actually amazing Halloween costumes I've rocked from previous years. Let's see...who were some of my muses before? One year I went as Mia Wallace from the Tarantino movie, Pulp Fiction (back when I sported a short bob). Another year I was the effortlessly beautiful Penny Lane from Almost Famous and dancing my life away at a friend's party. I was also Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice and a  Sims character one year due to my lack of motivation to think of costume. Other years, I sported the classic princess get-up or other ordinary costumes such as a mime or a sailor. But this year, I really cut the rope off my inventive outlet. Nevertheless, I spent my Halloween night at a mega-lame party in my university but with some rad people from high school. Young as the night, we shot fireworks at the beach where it was empty and serene. Too much emphasis has been placed on this holiday that people's expectations just seem to go through the roof each year. However, Christmas never disappoints. Instead of studying for midterms, I ended up watching Hitchcock's Psycho for the millionth time. Hope everyone had a safe Halloween filled with guilty delights and drunk memories.

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Photography by Priya Bhatti.

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