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Hey guys! Dresslink sent me this super cute crop sweater with a nice bondage-style knot in the front to look feminine. Not only is the fit impeccable but it pairs greatly with high-waisted bottoms, like my trousers, and can be dressed up or down with some heels or sneakers. If you like this look, you should also check out their $0.01 Item page and their Free Shipping Item page for thousands of great deals regularly!
I'm always trying to be a woman of sacrifice; overcoming self-control more way than others and to put logic over romance sometimes. I was supposed to go to see Animal Collective in Seattle this Friday with some of my friends, but circumstances bend and my luck twisted (as it always does) and now I'll be having a quiet weekend in. I spent a good hour getting the waterworks out of the way, but realized the amount of money I would be burning and obtaining my passport last limit would burden my parents too much. So I decided it wasn't worth it this time. But that it never would be if I always put unreality ahead of me and succumbing to what my heart wants, instead of what's right.

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

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  1. I love the crop sweater! I've been scrolling your blog, it's awesome and your style is perfect <3 (Would absolutely love if you took a sneaky peek :P)


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