Damp-sel in Distress


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- What's up? 
These past few weeks in Vancouver have been rather wet. TOO wet for my liking, as always. A change in weather is always nice, but I mean not that drastically. Not only has the weather been gloomy, but so has been my week due to upcoming midterms and strenuous club meetings. The only good thing about this unappealing forecast is the fact that it's making me feel less guilty for staying indoors doing nothing all day. My outfit was photographed by my new accomplice, Priya Bhatti, on this day particularly when it was really raining and damp in the city. Check her out! I'm still debating with myself whether this will be a good first year for me or not. I guess you can say I'm still frolicking through dense clouds and fogs in university, nothing bright to bring me to life yet. People like me always have such high expectations, until we realize that the sun don't shine forever. And that eventually we'd be let down and we'd still have to carry on with our lives.

There will always be a song listed below my post so you don't just have to read about my boring life...you can listen to it too! Just kidding. It'll probably be a tune that I feel matches this post or a song that's been running through my mind all day. Or maybe I just want to share you bit by bit of my musical taste.

yours until the sun shines again,

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