For as long as I can remember, I've always enjoyed translating my lust for life through clothing. My mom has always been a huge inspiration for me growing up. She never dressed for anyone but herself and wore clothes that successfully portrayed and accented the multiple sides to her femininity. And to me, that has always been the beauty about fashion. About style. That for as long as this life goes, I can put on whatever I want on my body and know I am truly myself in the outfits I choose to wear each day. For every photo, every moment captured on my film camera; for every off-lens juncture and for every chance not taken. There I would be...in the middle of the chaos and drama and hysteria. Wearing an outfit that would coordinate within that minuscule of everything and everyone. I would either be that girl wearing a simple tee, or platforms, or a leather skirt, or a dressy fedora, or an exotic coat. Or everything all at once. Life is too short. I refuse to be limited in my options when it comes to looking chic. No wear, no how. 

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