Vancouver Fashion Week 2014 (Part 2)

(VFW - DAY 5)
Laura Laval Paris

Another night, another tightly-seated attendee in a sea of strangers. Stylish strangers, that is. Y'ALL READY FOR ROUND 2? I actually got to see 3 runway shows this time from 3 brilliant designers. So scroll ahead and check them out!

- What's the deal? 
For me, you can really feel the sweet, sweet energy of spring in this collection. I really dig the pairing of any white top/vest and a statement pant/skirt at the bottom and simple heels to give it that sharp, chic edge every woman needs. The cocktail dresses had a very slim, sexy appeal to it and looks easy to throw on for a night out with friends. I also really appreciate the cutouts on some of the outfits that looks dainty yet it's still so effortless paired with a black bottom. And those maxi dresses with the skirt flowing at the bottom...gorgeous! There is a sort an ease with every outfit that will never go wrong with this collection, yet you can really respect the craftsmanship that repels against this ease creating a fine balance of modern and urban.

- What's the deal? 
C stands for...crazy?! You got it. Don't forget clever. This collection was definitely on the fence between avant-garde and ready-to-wear. I love it when designers add a little signature to their looks; in this case the letter C logo-ed to most of their outfits on the runway. For me, these kinds of outfit really show the creative side to a designer and their perspective in how this generation of fashion should aspire to be.  I thought the colour palette chosen to accent their outfits were striking and it caught my attention right away. There was a huge element of playfulness in this collection as evident in the easy-going bomber jackets, the oddly-shaped backpack and the use of the fur with the garments.

- What's the deal? 
This collection was my personal favourite and a great presentation to end the night with. Here, the handy work (embroidery) of this designer really comes to life and onto the outfits that compliments them well easily. The fluidity of this collection is what really drew my attention, as well as the use of different textures that still managed to tie the whole collection together. The element of delicacy and ease is evident in the sheer tops, pants and skirts. I love the subtle hint of red in some outfits but not all infused with the minimalistic silhouettes of these outfits. Overall, I really appreciate the simple lines and elegant component to this collection and how it is toughen up by the lovely craftsmanship and mix-match of textures and colour.
But wait girl...what did YOU wear?

Shirt (Zara) | Cross-Body Bag (F21) | Blazer (H&M) | Trousers (H&M) | Shoes (Zara) 
I know it was Friday night but...I was feeling rather lazy and distressed so statement pants and shoes were my go-to for this OOTN. Catch my friends' OOTNs below - (from LEFT -> RIGHT: Vivian, Grace, Charmaine) 
front row #clique

Tonight was my last night of VFW! Back to reality...midterms are just around the corner. But first, let's get down one more time.

yours until i can attend fashion week in crocs,

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