Over it All


Hat (Aritzia) | Shoes (Aldo) | Overalls (Sirens) | White Shirt (H&M) | Scarf (Thrifted) | Ring (H&M, F21)
- What's up? 
Hello October! I've been listening to a lot of songs lately to get those fall vibez going. Overalls are obviously more of a spring/summer essential, but I thought I'd rock it one last time before the cold really kicks in. As the leaves gradually wither, so does everything else around me. Another great summer, the year, the past - time still carries on even when I stop to catch my breath. Soon, more things will be coming to an end. And I will be forced to adapt to these succumbing changes and continue to put my best foot forward; even if I don't want to. However cold the weather may get, I refuse to swim in its pool of bitterness and discomfort. But at the same time, being elated all the time can be just as exhausting. I guess it's really time to put away those short shorts, flip-flops and late night adventures, and jump into sweater weather. 

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

yours until the frost bites,

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    I also like the way you write. Keep up them bloggings!


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