Under the Influence (Edition 1)

(under the influence - ed. 1)
 Jane Birkin

Hands down one of the most influential phases that I've gone through in my style journey was my French phase. What is that you may ask? Basically deriving most of my fashion inspirations from French icons, models, films, music, culture, etc. I was infatuated with Ye-Ye girls, Jean-Luc Godard films, berets, and more natural-looking make-up looks. Behold, here is a short list (and Part 1) of four French women of the 60s that have put my style under its influence.
Anna Karina and Jean-Paul Belmondo
1. Les Femmes - (women from the 60s):
Ahh, there's always something so natural and relaxed about women of this era every time I sneak a picture of them on my tumblr feed. I don't know if it was the way they were photographed, or their behaviour in each photo, or how they dressed; but they were beyond exquisite without looking to have to try at all. As an adolescent, always trying too hard to push my style boundaries and end up looking like a WRECK, these women have shown me the beauty in simplicity. And how a simple plain white-tee and a pair of destroyed jeans can really be all you need to look chic.


Why yes! It's the French singer who made the soundtrack to "Moonrise Kingdom" kind of iconic. Skip to 0:42 if you're watching the trailer and enjoy the lovely voice of this French femme. But it's not just her voice that I find admirable, but also her ability to look devilishly cool in a leather jacket and exemplary winged-eyeliner look. 


One of my all-time favourite femme icon that I revert to when I'm stumped with my closet. She's also been my hair idol since forever - how are those bangs just so effortlessly perfect? One thing that I truly take out of Jane's style is her ability to raise the attraction level in clothes that normally don't scream sexy at all. Also the main inspiration for today's style icon Alexa Chung, it's no doubt Jane really accents the statement "more is less". 


Not only was this femme a great actress, but she possesses this super sultry look in her eyes that differentiated her from the rest of the French femmes of the 60s. The numerous roles she plays in movies has taught me to be sweet on the outside, but discreetly devilish on the inside. Her impish personality really mixed well with her fashion; add her seductive eye-liner look and everything else just fits like a glove.


This femme was a classic fashion icon back in the 60s who also possessed an angelic singing voice. Bardot really expressed the more intrinsic and flirtatious side of femininity. She could dress like a doll and instantly give you a look that made her more mature-looking than what she wore. I also adore her accented yet balanced eyeliner look. If it's not that that makes you fall in love with her eyes, than it must be her alluring figure and whimsical personality. 

Here are a few links to a few of the many French songs I've adored listening to over the years. You're only a Google-translate away from understanding what they're actually saying (at least, that's what I did!).

from the movie "Masculin Feminin"

sung by French sweetheart, France Gall

a classic French song by Édith Piaf; never fails to woo me

feel good beat with Sylvie Vartan 

literally one of my favourite French songs; thank you Jane Birkin

my favorite song by the lovely Francoise Hardy

yours until i can speak french fluently,

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