Sick of Staring Down


Jeans (Levi's) | Sweater (AliExpress) | Sneakers (Adidas) | Coat (F21) | Cap (Brandy Melville) | Cherry Necklace (eBay)

- What's up?
I got a new job working at the Kids Department of Zara in downtown, which is what I'd hope for considering the women's section below doesn't look as content with their job pursuit as I'd imagine. It's often true what they say when you have to suffer a bit to finally reach the top to where you want to be; meaning, I'm so over working at a grocery store. I also finally fixed a pair of 50mm Canon lens I received as a present last Christmas to start taking pictures again and I'm getting around to this "love" game. I feel like my style has been going around in circles for the past few months because I've been trying to save every penny I earn, but I did promise myself a new pair of heels after my first retail pay check. I've also got some not-so-pretty food poisoning last week so I'm still on the road to recovery. All-in-all, typical hell-bent week.

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

yours in a second,

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