Song for No One


Still life
how I envision my Valentines Day's morning

Skirt Overalls (Zara) | Golden Boots (Vagabond Shoes) | Red Top (Thrifted) | Beret (F21)
- What's up?
Happy Valentine's Day to all my lady friends who have that special girl/guy ready for a sweet night out or a cozy night in indulging in each other's presence. Romance never gets old, neither does intimacy! And a Happy Valentine's Day to all my single gals (me too!) out there who are having a love affair with life or trying to escape it, remember: all good things run free. Run free for now until love catches up with you, because once it does there's no turning back. Time is short and your youth remains stretching itself thinly like a rubber band from the edge of the Earth to the end - you never when it'll snap. So treat yourself, well, every day - significant other or not. Because everyone knows there's nothing more romantic than loving yourself.
I went for this tame pair of skirt overalls because of the modesty it imposes while clashing with the loudness of my red button-down. To top off the romantic factor I had in mind, I added a beret and brooch to elevate the overall elegance of this look. 

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

in your dreams forever,

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