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Blogging has been difficult for me as of lately because my mind tends to go off in a tangent when it comes to clothes. Most of the times I try to direct my style into a place that best suits me rather than "something fancy or good I can blog about so I can get sponsored easily." April flew by at the speed of light with exam after exam thrown at me but alas the summer mood has finally descended upon us as May spreads its wings into the midnight air. Strangely enough, my place on Earth has come to a halt. And a mighty strong one. My university career path isn't quite as crystal clear as it had been coming into school a year ago and I've somehow managed to get back to square one. I'm not upset just troubled because never in my life would I have expected myself to run into this kind of a situation; at this moment in my life. I'm trying to push forward with my options but it seems like every step I take, I'm thrown two more steps back. Please pray for the sake of me and for those tickets to Drake in September to decrease immensely.
This adorable top from H&M was only around $16 after tax and it's a great transition piece from the spring time to the summer. The material doesn't stick to your skin and it's as light as a feather; quite the snag. Thinking about making a post about the importance of fashion to me in my upcoming blog so stay tuned for that!

 Photography by Priya Bhatti.

 yours on the cool down,

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