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Bomber Jacket (NOUL) | Boots (Topshop) | Jeans (BDG) | Earrings (AliExpress)

- What's up?
Time really does fly when you're having fun because term one of my second year in college is coming to an end! And with that comes the holidays and season greetings, and of course a new year. I got this great bomber jacket at NOUL's 15% off sale during the weekend and have been rocking it non-stop. The trick is to buy it and basically never take it off. Am also in the process of integrating a new money-saving tip into my life, complimentary of the founder of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso - "Money looks better in the bank than on your feet" because...I shop repulsively and I need to stop; especially with Boxing Day coming up sooner than soon. But in general, I hate money. I can manage it well, sometimes through splurging or spending it on necessities, but at times the whole point of using it on materialistic stuff stresses me out because everything is just so expensive. I spent nearly $40 on just fruits once but I decided scooping out of a quarter of a watermelon will be more satisfying to me at this point than a new bra.

No, I have zero vacation plans for the winter holidays. Just goals! Goals to make some more New Year Resolutions to break, goals to be happier and more confident (like every year), goals to pass all my exams and goals to always putting my best (and chic) foot forward. 

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

Throwback to the time I destroyed the replay button on this song last summer.

yours from inside and out,

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