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Coat (F21) | Skirt (Old Navy) | Turtleneck (thrifted) | Boots (Topshop)

- What's up?

I wish I'd done some outfit posts for the holidays (i.e. Christmas or New Year) but I was having way too much fun loungin', relaxin', kickin' it either by myself, with my family or friends. I decided to give myself a little break and come back with more in the new year (cough, new me). But really, what will 2016 be for me this year? Too many. The year of responsibilities, the year of growing up, the year of self-indulgence, the year of feeling myself - something along those lines. By the end of my second term in April I'll be twenty years old, but for now the countdown begins until another ten years wave goodbye to me. I want to pretend that I'm not afraid of growing up, but thank God I'm never good at lying to myself. So many things yet to say, so many people yet to have shaken hands with and so many places still hidden away, unexplored. I'm not afraid of all these, but afraid I'll miss them.

I'm in LOVE with the colour combination of this outfit! Every piece expresses an individual shade of its own yet they all coordinate perfectly together - in harmony. I'm also in love with the right amount of baby pink my coat has - not too harsh and not too bland. Colours bouncing between either ranges go with anything believe me; neutrals are excellent for experimenting between pattern-mixing and/or colour blocking. Also these shoes from Topshop are the comfiest ankle boots I own to this date.


visited @swissmiss and drew a little diary entry on the wall of @friendsworkhere la la la idk what I’m doing in life la la la

my mood for January

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

yours in the eye of the storm,

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