Halloween 2015


- What's up:
Spent the Halloween weekend with some of best friends and new friends in Victoria, British Columbia. After four buses and a ferry, we arrived Friday night drenched in rain and with feet about to give in from all the walking and standing around. I don't remembered most of that night, but I did remember vividly all of the sweetest moments; ones that went bump in the night. Halloween day arrived and we strolled around downtown Victoria, the weather at its worst before opening its skies to sunlight. Before turning up, we lit fireworks at a park and I remembered tripping twice over the benches. Not gunna lie, UVic's parties didn't live up to my expectation but everything worked out in the end and the night just restlessly died off. Spooks aside, the experience was worth it; I love people who continue to inspire me and motivate me. And I love exposing my alter ego every now and then, through the mind that I'm born with or through the clothes that I have.

Spook squad.

Photography by moi.

yours in this witching hour,

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