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 my mood for October

Top (F21) | Boots (thrifted) | Fur Vest (American Eagle) | Hat (thrifted) | Skirt (Topshop)
- What's up?
"Let's do some living, after we'll die. Wild horses couldn't drag me away. Wild, wild horses, we'll ride them some day" - The Rolling Stones
October has been a bitch of a month in terms of school and everything else surrounding it. As well as dealing with a breakup, which is a more messy and irritating bitch slithering in and out of my heart during the thirstiest hours of the day or late in the shadows at three in the morning. Eventually it got sick of me and I got sick of it, and we parted ways. Let's just say I'm no longer on cloud nine at the moment and now I just want to live my life, as myself without his company, because I never how much he never deserved it. On a positive note, I am thrilled for Halloween to creep back so I can be someone else for a night other than me. This year, I won't be on campus as I had been before but will be getting down on the island with some of my close friends. It's hard going back to the start, but devoting real time and love really uses up all the energy left in me.
I love fur vests because they add a nice touch of femininity and subtle class to an casual outfit. I got this top because the sleeves are literally fire and balances the sleek factor of the entire look. Another way to stay warm in colder months if you decide to wear a skirt are thigh-high boots! They elongate the leg like nothing, at the same time covering up some skin.

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

yours through the looking glass,

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