Six Ways I Stay Inspired


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"I dream my painting and I paint my dream." - Vincent Van Gogh
Hello, bebes! Here are six ways I sustain the creativity and innovation in my outfits and/or clothes from daily inspirations throughout life:
Takin' a walk on the wild side! Being spontaneous and sometimes a little crazy has shed so much light for me over the years growing as a person because of how much I surprise myself when I go against the gradient. It showed me how fun it is to not be what everyone else expects you to be and the joy of getting the best of both worlds.

Sometimes it's hard to be open up to new things because we find comfort in the things we familiarize with as we going along. But it's important to me to reduce my limits less and less each day, no matter how slowly I go, and having zero filter eventually becomes my new filter. I don't have the energy for long, awkward small talk because I want to be loud, excited and talking about really fucking weird things to really important ones.

Social media has been a big part of my style journey since forever. From Tumblr to Instagram, access to many different forms of fashion and style is given to me just a click away. The web is what you make the best of it, hence new ideas are constantly thrown at me if I choose to look for them.

In many ways, photography has always inspired me because of the drive to capture the beauty in things. Making angles that look odd to people come to life is a riveting journey and one that always inspires and reminds me that there's more than meets the eye.

FRIENDS! I love surrounding myself with people who are not afraid to express themselves; who can be raw with their emotions but still go around lookin' for a good time with me. Sometimes it's hard to pick up from yourself when you're stuck going around in an endless cycle, but it takes a good change in perspective to get you out of the loop again.

As cheesy as it sounds, always put positivity first. Wake up and take in the world around you and let your heart fill up. Nature, people, art, science, insects, clothes, tall towers, beautiful sunsets, music, streetlights, architecture and so many more! The world never stops spinning; it carries on no matter how you feel or how you want to perceive it. But the excitement to venture, to cease-the-day must ensuite. And because life is too short to sit around bored.

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

yours from top to bottom,

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