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I first met Priya at one of the meetings held by the university's photography club during my first year at university. Both of us enrolled in the Science program, we both came across each other unexpectedly as the meeting came to a close end and I find out she was an aspiring photographer and videographer which was what I needed to perpetuate the start of my style blog. Not only did we have close to similar taste in music and movies, but she was the most down-to-earth person I've come to known over the few months (almost a year!) since she's photographed me. Truly I was blessed to have a partner with such a patient soul with a huge passion behind the lens and humility in the work that she puts out. Sometimes the best photographers are not always the ones with the most clients, but the one who never stops doing what he/she loves. Here's a little interview I put together about her; enjoy!


1. What inspired you to take up photography?
I got into photography in high school, I took the course randomly and just fell in love with every aspect of it. 

2. How would you describe a perfect shot?
This is a tough, more technical photographers would probably answer this with some compositional stuff but to me the perfect shot is just something that feels right to you, looks intriguing and evokes something in the viewer. That said it may be your perfect shot but someone else may hate it, but that's alright.

3. What other past-times occupy you besides photography?
3. Besides photography, school, and work, I'd say most of the time I have left consists of hanging out with my friends and watching movies. 

4. If you could meet anyone living or dead, who would you meet?
I like would meet Marie Curie, a true pioneer of women in science.

5. What were some movies that drove you to videography?
I'm always intrigued by the cinematography when I watch movies, I have favourite scenes of movies that are just beautiful to me visually but some memorable shots come from 2001: A Space Odyssey (really any movie by Stanley Kubrick), but I'd say shots with nature and extreme environments such as the desert in Lawrence of Arabia really stick out to me

6. What would be your biggest accomplishment in photography/videography as of recent?
I guess my biggest accomplishment is that I've managed to continue doing this thing that I love while meeting new people along the way. I'm excited to see how far I can take this and what may come of it in the future. 

7. A current goal for yourself within the next few years?
I think my goal with my photography in the next few years would be to find a way to connect it to my other love of science. Incorporating art with biology and computer science brings up a fun challenge for me but is something I look forward to doing.

8. Do you have a secret talent not many people know about?
I can paint and draw but I never do it often enough that people know about it.

9. One thing you want to do before you die?
I have so many things I want to do! One on my mind right now is from an amazing video I saw of which I can't remember the name but I'd like to go camp out at a point in southern Chile and just see the night sky in an area with no light pollution with a telescope.

10. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now in terms of photography/videography?
It's hard to picture what I'll be doing 10 years from now in terms of photography/videography but I feel that it will be a combination of science and art. I know that I will always continue with it along with my future travels and hopefully I will meet more amazing people and things along the away that help shape it into something cohesive.

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