Summer to Fall Transition: Bodysuits


Bodysuit (Windsor) | Skirt (Brandy Melville) | Shoes (UO)

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One of the best pieces to transition from the hot, fun heat of summer to the drop of temperatures are bodysuits. Skin tight and chic as they are, they come in all sorts of design for all seasons such as this classic black one with intricate ties around the chest from Windsor that I'm obsessing over lately. American Apparel also have some super great and inexpensive bodysuits perfect for any occasion and almost everywhere else online. 
The trick to getting ahead in fall style is to start stocking up on clothes for the colder months now because let's face it, unless you live in L.A. or anywhere else warm all year round, it's probably not worth buying more cute sandals or shorts as the climate starts freezing over. Blow some cash on a new coat or boots! There's always next summer for rocking trends you haven't yet rocked this summer.

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

see you in the fall,

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