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White Top (BDG) | Overalls (Old Navy) | Necklace (F21| Shoes (Adidas Originals)

- What's up?
Back to basics, back to school, back to cold days and wet nights; welcome back to fall! Sorry for the short absence but here are a few things I've been up to. Been catching up on some Rookie articles as of recent and came across this one that struck its relevance hard onto me. In summary, it's basically about wanting to make something out of myself. To worry less about my physical self and how people want to see me as and be someone of worth - inside and outside of school. Not to my boyfriend, to my friends or to anyone else but myself. And yes I did have my chair chopped once again by the lovely people at Kabro Salon because long hair truly is a pain to perfect. I'm trying to go into both semesters with good hopes and willingness because time truly is precious and I need to stop screwing around.
Overalls are perfect for those days wear you just can't be bothered with matching tops and bottoms. Just chuck on it on with a neutral top to go with it and you are out the door.

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

yours for the record,

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