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Shoes (Joe Fresh) | Dress (LUCLUC| Bracelete (F21)
- What's up?

Three things that have kept me productive (for a while now): 

1. Consuming at least two servings of fruit a day.

2. Tuning into podcasts. 

3. Deleting Snapchat. 

I think collarbones are one of the most sexiest part of the human anatomy and I have zero problems with wanting to flaunt it off most to almost all the time. It creates tease in an outfit without the usual plunging neckline (not that that's not sexy either, I'd rock both) and can flatter those who want to look a little more lean and taller around the neck area. Decided to tie this inexpensive piece of string around my neck because it ties in with the outfit in a more interesting way than usual jewelry. It never hurts to go outside the box once in a while and work odd things into creative trends.

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

yours until day's end,

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