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Dress (Zara) | Earrings (H&M) | Shoes (thrifted)
- What's up?
Have been spending most (not all) of my time being studious and editing blog posts with some occasional outing with friends here and there - the basics of my summer until mid-August when I travel out to the states with my family! Or so they told me. Saturday is my only day off where I'm not working or in class, but I make the best of the little time I have. It's dangerous to be one of those people who only live for the weekends and drag by the week just waiting for those temporary days-off, wasting each day hour by hour rather than embellishing it with opportunities.
This dress is literally pyjama material; it's comfy and you would still look vibrant enough wearing it out onto the streets or slumbering the night away. Some things I try to look for in an ideal summer dress is comfort, flow and the level of chic and for this reason, this beautiful yellow dress from Zara has embodied them all. When a dress is crafted with simplicity as this one, leave it to the colour of it to really pull the whole ensemble together. Sometimes the details don't have to matter. To heighten the level of comfort, wear some good flats and you're set for the evening.

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

One of my first few concerts as a youngin' was Washed Out and he was amazing.

yours until the light sails,

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