Stitched in Black


Romper + Hat (H&M) | Shoes (Topshop) | Necklace (F21)
- What's up?
Had a great Monday night attending an unreal performance by the one + only RATATAT with my boyfriend and company. Thank God the crowd wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be but they were jamming out in the best of vibez and in a calm manner - yes, anti-mosh is ideal when you're wearing a skirt. Have a few things planned this upcoming weekend as August races in at full speed. Being cooped up in my room for some time now has made my soul uneasy (cue my hours of tearz and studying) but like any other days of studying, it also improves my sense of patience and self-control. I've been trying to practice both for quite some time now and whenever I get real good at one, the other slides by and no balance is acquired. The conclusion results to me reminding myself nobody is perfect and sometimes the best method of improvement is to let things fly on its own.
Who says you can't wear black in mid-summer? Apart from attracting heat, black can be alluring both in the colder and warmer months. The norm of wearing bright colours in the summer really taunts me because it adds to the pressure for people to go all out and find, sometimes to most of the times, clothes that temporarily fits their wardrobe. Never fall for that trap. Wear whatever you think is comfortable and chic any day, any time - and whatever's appropriate to get you through your day.

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

yours in a flop,

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