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Dress (Rebellion) | Heels (Old Navy) | Jewelry (F21)
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Hot child in da city; or child in da hot city? As June fast approaches its end, every surface, wall, building, shadow, dust, speck, bug is on fire. And me, like the rest of the population, just melt all my hours away. Do you ever ask your friends or your loved ones, what their idea of a good summer is? That they may love summer just as much as you love it or hate it, but not through the same terms as you? My brother told me he loved summer too, but only because he could play video games all day and my co-worker told me because she could travel. For me, the best kind of summer is summer on its own. When events are planned, people are greeted, lazy days are wasted and beaches are populated all on its own without demand. No rush, no fuss; everyone just does whatever they want because it feels good. Although, a little air conditioning on transit wouldn't kill anybody. Do you ever wake up in a summer haze sometimes and think "everything will be just fine"? And you just can't be bothered with the following year ahead of you and the rest of the bullshit winter will soon offer you?
What makes my summer extra special is that summer dress I can always rely on to dance and prance in the heat. I took these photos when the weather was more mild, but let's face it. No one's got time for long-sleeves as of recent.

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

yours on a more brighter tone,

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