Stuck in a Sundaze


White Halter Top + Hat (H&M) | Jean Shorts (Topshop) | Jean Jacket (F21| Bikini Top (Victoria's Secret)
- What's up?
Took these photos at a nude beach just a few minutes away from where I currently live while the sun was still hanging around in the sky. Let's just say there was little more 'hanging out' that evening than the sun. Swimsuits are normally not a priority to me for swimming or lounging in the beach as long as it's cute and incapable of flashing my girls. But I decided to treat myself with this white one from Victoria's Secret with some of that extra cash I still have. If beach cover-up just isn't your thing, you can never go wrong with denim-on-denim to give your outfit that laid-back tone in the heat. Also, wearing hat can become pretty underrated but trust me, you'd feel a lot cooler if your head wasn't on fire.
I'm going to be getting my film camera developed pretty soon and will post some pics I've captured over the few months! Other than that, keep melting away guys.

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

yours in a heartbeat or two,

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