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Dusty Coat (UNIF) | Top (Romwe) | Skirt (F21) | Shoes (UO) | Long-Sleeved Shirt (F21) | Belt (American Eagle) | Tights (Dollar Store)
- What's up?
Here's a simple outfit for going out of town doing some errands, running about with friends and whatnot. My coat is actually a light salmon pink shade but it's hard to tell under such strong lighting that day. You can never go wrong with a simple colour combo like this. Obviously, not pigment by pigment but the general concept of black on top and ending black with the bottom. With the loose coat contrasting over the tight silhouette of my shirt and A-line skirt, top the whole look off with these sleek black boots with a nice touch of brown on the faux leather hinges to bring some attention.
Both my photographer and I have wanted to shoot at this mini-location for a while and finally got to do it! It's just a tiny area with apartment and several shops and caf├ęs lurking below it. Can't wait to get more blog posts rollin' so stay tune for more!

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

Here's a beautiful summer night come-down song from Portishead. It's been a while since I've heard them.

yours until the music fades,

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