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Oversized Wool Turtleneck (Zara) | Gray Coat (Zara) | Black Fedora (Aritzia) | Navy Pants (Zara) | Black Ankle Boots (H&M)
- What's up?
You know when you rummage through your wardrobe and you grow more and more unsatisfied at the poor clothing choices you've made in the past until you stumble upon a beautiful piece you forgot you even had? And everything just seems to make sense again? Like you were never lost in the first place because that one thing you never knew you had just reappears again? That was how my week was. A few days ago, I found out one of my favourite bands of all time, Belle and Sebastian, was touring and will be making a keen stop at my city in the month of April. Just one day after I officially turn 19. Day after day, I've just been recycling old habits: going to class, seeing my friends, studying my ass off and repeat. I only made slight interactions with social media when I really needed to and now and then take fulfilling naps on my bed when necessary. Until one morning I was greeted by the news of a band, who I thought I would never get to bop my head to in this lifetime, appearing impossibly to where I lived. Every neuron in my brain just connected automatically and before I knew it, I already had the ticket in my wallet. For me, this news struck out to me from my repetitive cycle and I still can't process it in my head that I was going to see one of the most important bands alive. So where am I going with this? When I was younger, I did chemistry equations, read about the the theory of relativity, memorized the anatomy of a frog, softly recited math rules, practiced writing 7-paged essays, and so forth, while listening to this band. And not just this band specifically, but every one of my favourite musical bodies who've made a bored adolescent like me, doing boring things I'm stuck doing at my age, to care more about the world, emotions, love, people, everything; the way science motivates me to put my best foot forward. I was doing my day-to-day chores over and over. But things like music gave me a reason to leave my tiresome sequence of a life for a while; even when I'm doing okay. Some days never seem to end or worse, never seem to be different anymore. Things that were once special and new can turn to second-hand thrift and moments in life begin to dull because of other priorities. And then you strike gold again - out of the blue - something that was once apart of your good times and bad times remind you of what it was like to enjoy the things you once enjoyed before you didn't owed attention to it as much anymore. That ticket was my gold; the beautiful piece in my closet I forgot I had. Three months from now, I will dance the night away. The same way I used to dance blissfully in my suburban bedroom, for no one but myself, after I figured out the answers to my homework and when it was way past my bedtime.


It's okay if you found this post confusing. Or if you don't get it at first. But someday you will. Moving on to my outfit, I had this eye on this cozily chic sweater from Zara for a while and picked it up on Boxing Day for a swell price. My bangs are starting to have a life of its own so a quick hat fix always does the trick. I'll admit, nothing's too exciting about my colour scheme but it constructs a classic vibe that I always get attracted to. A wise person once told me that "if you like the classics, stick with it. Because there's always room for change, but less for consistency".

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

yours until the world stops,

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