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Green Parka (Old Navy) | Cardigan (Zara) | Black Dress (Urban Outfitters) | Thigh High Boots (Jeffrey Campbell) | Necklace (Gifted)
- What's up?
It's still only been less than a month back to school and everything is already in full bloom. I'm starting to take advantage of the photography club I joined a few months back the beginning of the school year. They have a good amount of awesome film cameras and digital lens up for borrow if you're a member; what a great deal. Excited to try a film camera I managed to grab! Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in some time with my friends for a little photo shoot. Speaking of photography, I also helped another club I joined with photographing the band, Did You Die, for their upcoming monthly newsletter. Their studio was really neat and contained lots of tripped-out materials in it; except when I had to venture through the dark to get to its location. I'm starting to plan ahead my schedule for the summer time because yes, summer school is a must. But for now, I only want to focus on maintaining this blog and attaining better grades for my classes. Then again, easier said than done.
This is one of my favourite little black dresses of all time because it reminds me of the one Jane Birkin wore in this picture that I'm obsessed about. I also thrifted this parka a while back during the holidays for only 12 dollaz; I could not just leave it there. I know a handful of girls who go for this parka look during the fall but I can't argue - this trend is both functional and chic. I've worn this outfit combination numerous times to class and out-and-about because the cardigan keeps me crazy warm and so do these over-the-knee boots. I like how the tail of the cardigan leaves some skin gap between it and the thigh-high boots to give that sultry feel with the overall heavy texture of the parka with the dress. I'm also trying to rock more half up-dos because I think it's an extremely underrated hair-do in my book.

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

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