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Black Fur Coat (Friend's) | Plaid Dress (H&M) | Hat (Thrifted) | Black Ankle Boots (Urban Outfitters) | Tights (Dollar Store)
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'Twas the day(s) after Christmas when all through the mall, this girl was running from store to store. Boxing day was a jolly success, but nothing special about it except great deals and clothes flying everywhere. Any who, Merry (late) Christmas, everyone! No matter who you are or where you were, I hope you had a night of infinite tenderness, blessings and exceptional company. Or if you just spent a tame morning like me finished with a hectic dinner party, then I hope you never wake up from your slumber. Flushed with all the gifts I had asked for from my adoring parents and ending the night with too much sparkling champagne to handle, I would say it was a Joyeux Nöel indeed. My Christmases always result in me passing out to a movie on my laptop while guiltily finishing a bag of Lays. With almost all my relatives residing halfway across the world, big family get-togethers were never a number one on my Christmas "to-do" list. For a while, I had to rely on my own craftsmanship to resume my good spirits each year and soon grew into my own blissful solitary. Sure, I didn't receive twice the amount of presents some of my friends did nor was able to look forward to seeing my favourite cousins in the entire world, but I formed my own tradition: hiding away with a good book, listening to the laughter of my parents echoing below, ignoring my brother's plea to play Monopoly, staring at the ceiling with the intentions to browse everything and anything entertaining on the interwebz. If I'm lucky enough, I sometimes video call my friends from across the universe to catch up on each other's lives. But time zone differences suck majorly. When all those options fail, loneliness does creep onto me like a huge, ominous spider from out of the blue. But I found being bitter about it was idle. Hence Christmas isn't about who has the most spirit, but about who finds spirit in ceremonies of disharmony and remorse.


Alas, the search for a fur coat as lovely as this black one my friend borrowed me is over. Don't worry, this is recycled fur and not the real thing. I wouldn't say it's roadkill...but rather a nice touch of glamour and sultry to a plain outfit for the modern girl. To me, it's something any girl can get away with no matter what age or size. I think it's pretty underrated compared to some of the other beautiful coats on the market. Once again, I'm stuck between that stage where I want to dress up more adult-like but flourish my time dressing as a teenager. 

Photography by Adriana Taylor.

until next Christmas,

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  1. Hey Marissa, i just want to say thanks for the blog. You're a fashion inspiration for someone who's also learning to appreciate fashion on a budget. I think you've got great style and taste and i hope you keep up the posts well into 2015


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