A Toast To Better Things: 2015

White Turtleneck (Topshop) | Black Jumper (Suzy Shier) | Sheer Socks (Target) | Heels (H&M)

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Not gunna lie, this year has been one of the best years for me thus far. Through the ups and downs of each day, there was never a moment I've looked back on with regret. To those who didn't have such a rad year, hope you kick more ass in 2015. But before the ball drops or the ring of fireworks commences, here are 10 things I've learned in 2014:


1) "Letting your partner love you they way they love you, and not the way you want to be loved"
- taken from one of my favourite bloggers Slutever in one of her columns for Vogue.

2) There's a difference between having fun and having fun for the sake of having fun.

3) Say good-bye to people who expect more from you than what you've already got to offer.

4) Eating dinner in your dorm while watching 'The Office' is sometimes better than dinner runs with your friends.

5) Bad choices will always be bad choices. Except when they have good stories.

6) If I'm not in Europe after graduation, I'm doing something wrong.

7) Never offer your lighter to a drunk person; you may never see it again.

8) Everyone is different in a different hour.

9) If you can't beat em, leave em.

10) Pizza is still good.


Big thanks to everyone who has made this year extremely memorable. Never forget there are better things to come. Make the best of the night and always seize the day.


Photography by Adriana Taylor.

see you next year,

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