White Light, White Heat


White Sweater (H&M) | Black Dress (Brandy Melville) | Hat (Target) | Black Ankle Boots (Urban Outfitters) | Tights (Dollar Store) | Necklace (H&M)
- What's up?
First of, bless these black ankle boots I managed to snag during the extended Black Friday sale almost a week ago at UO. I've been wearing them non-stop and breaking them into the comfort of my own feet. Second, finals are closing in and so is my time at residence. Many of the other residents on campus have fled the coop and are over with their exams already so campus has been eerily quiet as the days progress. I hope they all have a great holiday and refill their hearts with joy again before the next semester commences. Although the cold weather and the never-ending battle to spend money have successfully isolated me on campus, I feel anything but lonely thanks to my friends on and off campus have shown me the true meaning of company at times like these. Shoutout to my bed who have also kept me warm in times of stress and mental breakdowns. Tried so hard cramming for my chemistry final while half-watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - worst idea ever. Now that the (semi) worse is over, I went to a strange party at the Red Gate Arts Society on East Hastings yesterday night with my friend and smoked cigarettes from this woman who sold it to my friend for $5 just outside a run-down hotel a block down. Also excited to have her develop some film photos we took today while the weather was beautiful out. This season, gunna try really hard to pick up on reading again and taking more pictures on my film camera over the holidays and updating my music playlist with better tunes to jam to. It's so overwhelming trying to do everything all at once when you literally just want to do everything. On a different note, super excited to see Yung Lean on the 19th at the Vogue Theatre with my friend and eating my beloved mom's home-made cooking again. I still haven't even bounce on my gift-shopping but I think cards never fail to make someone's day brighter - regardless what holiday it is. 

Here's a Polyvore collage I created of a look I'm dying pull off this holiday. I distinctively remembered as an adolescent thinking wearing anything cheetah-printed was vulgar but I mean - I don't think I've ever wanted a cheetah-printed fur coat so badly as of recent. I'm also on the hunt for a big ribbon tie to accompany my white collared-button down and voila! A practical holiday look that isn't the cookie-cutter Christmas outfit for any special events but a daring statement for the ladies who, well, just don't wanna wear skirt sometimes. Also trying to find a comfy holiday dress to wear for other formal occasions I'll be attending over the holidays but colours never seem to stand out to me in the winter. All I want to do is fade into black and wear a good coat with some good spirits. Let the holidaze begin! 

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

yours until the heads roll,

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