National Women's Day


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To all the graceful, crazy, bad-ass and beautiful women in the world - HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY! Of course, everyone should appreciate the existence of women every day but let's just quietly proclaim this free day for ourselves. Here's a photo dump of all the pictures that never made it to the social media cut because us girls like to put out the "best" picture of ourselves. I mean even when girls want to look lunatic in photos, they still want a DECENT picture of them looking lunatic. Get my point? Anyways, I chose most of these photos because there's such an alluring beauty of the natural side of girls - caught in the act of doing something stupid, doing stupid faces, not pretending and unprepared. It truly embodies the other side of the spirit of girlhood, where being perfect also meant being imperfect. It's true. Girls just want to have fun. Our vision of the world is constantly changing and everything to us is exciting, whether it's the bad kind of excitement or the good. The minute we settle, grow restless, is when the world has either died or have officially bored the hell out of us. BIG shoutout to all the mega-babes featured in this post. Near or far, we always got each other.


"Wake up every morning and tell yourself that you're a badass bitch from hell and that no one can fuck with you and then don't let anybody fuck with you." - Kate Nash

rock on,

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