When The Roses Bloom Again


White-Button Down (H&M) | Olive Coat (Zara) | Black Joggers (F21| Kicks (Vans) | Striped Socks (F21)
- What's up?
Well, happy March y'all! Sorry that yours truly hasn't updated much about her life lately but truly, you're not missing out on much. I finally found my calling in getting more involved with my university's never-ending volunteer opportunities and it's for writing articles for Her Campus, which is essentially a college girl's guide to getting through anything and everything fashion, love, sex, school, life-related. I've always enjoyed documenting and writing about different-themed events of topics surrounding the modern gal's cycle of life so hopefully this website will expose me to better engagement with the diverse community of my university, WHILE doing something I actually enjoy. Have been walking around everywhere non-stop in my Vans cos they are KICK-ASS. Except when I accidentally tripped down the stairs in my Biology class last week; I'll forgive them that once. I love this jacket because its oversized structure keeps me cozy in colder days and easily replaces the loved oversized bomber jacket look that most girls like to wear to keep their outfit relaxed and laid-back. As usual, since my top is already so overbearing, keepin' my bottom part simple and sleek.

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

Back in my "did-I-ever-liked-Wilco-or-no" phase.

yours until the chips fall,

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