Seeing Red


Turtleneck-dress (Target) | Tan Coat (F21) | Red Beanie (Ebay) | Kicks (Vans) | Sunglasses (Aldo)
- What's up?
People always expect you to know what to say next, just like that. If not that, the right words to use or the right sentences to perfectly sculpt out your thoughts verbally. Or even the right idea behind what you should say to them and not what they don't want to hear. They expect you to study them deeply and to observe them whole-heartedly - what makes them shrivel or what makes them burst with joy. They expect you to articulate your thoughts the way they do to validate for their empty sense of attempting to establish a connection. A connection that only makes mountains move but not part seas; an understanding so complexed that you feel that you should believe in it too. But when you don't, they sense it and they are disappointed. And nothing is worse than letting someone down, right? I mean, you should obviously know what they would do or wouldn't; what they want you to say or don't want you say at all. What makes them mad or what makes them sad; what they want to hear or they don't want to hear at all - from you. But the whole time you were never inspecting them; never picking out their brain or trying to say all the right words and all the right context. You just wanted to be their friend; a friend that could make mountains move and part seas. A rare connection that always seems to get lost in translation when people start raising expectations and overanalyzing every little detail. And one day when you run out of all the proper words to say, they stop believing that there was ever a connection at all. You always thought you spoke what they wanted to hear, but people get greedy and sometimes just don't appreciate what is said. And there is no barrier larger than the one that never existed in the first place, but made you believe that there was.

HOLLA! Who the hell is ready for spring?! The sun came out today all pleasant and sparkling in my eyes, yet it was still as cold as an ice cube. Maybe colder. Always thought I would end up with a fresh pair of New Balances or Adidas sneaks, but decided to do a 360 and get these sick Vans babies instead. I love wearing a short-cut dress with sneakers because they bring out the laid-back element in simple dresses that would normally need some dressing up to get the job done. I think it's a totally underrated look yet it keeps the modern woman comfortable and stylish at the same time. Alas, Valentine's Day greeted me with some good times and fifty more shades of weirdness. Probably still not as good as last years though when I jammed out with Miley Cyrus during her tour stop at my city.

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

yours until the end of time,

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