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Blue Turtleneck (F21) | Black Skirt (Used House of Vintage) | Heels (Aldo) | Ring (UO)
- What's up?
Born in a country that was pretty much summer all year round, I can still say I'm not one hundred percent compliant to the vigorously cold climate of Canada. One of the most fondest memory I encountered the first time I moved here with my family was actually watching snow fall for the first time. I remembered nothing but silence and darkness in the household while I was seated comfortably on the windowsill. My parents were out buying groceries and my brother was fast asleep. I couldn't even begin to explain the feeling of observing such gentle, solid teardrops fall from fragile-looking clouds and such pale, thin air. It felt like I was the only person on earth. No one was out shovelling snow or starting up their cars - the town dropped dead. It may be below zero outside, but my heart was anything but cold. It was just one of those simple moments of beauty and understanding that you don't bother telling anyone but smile when you recall it later as time goes on. On to my outfit, I love this soft blue palette especially on sweaters because they bring such a freshness into such thick knits. In relation to the blue theme of this post, my friend and I caught a late screening of Blue Velvet at my school's theatre. David Lynch always knows how to put some spook into the air. Feeling blue because my boyfriend leaves for Europe in less than two weeks and things are not turning for the better. The world is a cold place and I just don't want to be forgotten. 

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

yours until the frost bites,

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  1. I was thinking of getting that sweater today!
    love the outfit :)


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