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- What's up? 
 Anybody else got that one funky-looking, printed shirt in his/her wardrobe? I know it's not a closet staple for everyone, but I love how easy it is to make a statement since the prints do all of the talking. I chose an all-black bottom ensemble because I prefer toning down if my top is already loud. But by all means, wear an even louder bottom if you want to! Another closet staple for me is a pair of black ankle boots. I've worn the crap out of my previous pair so these new ones I purchased from H&M will continue keeping my height options favourable. Another reason I got this shirt was for the collars. I especially love collars that are simple and freakishly big; small ones are always fine to me. For even older news, math still sucks and I'm still worrying about the future and everything else in between. 

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

It may be hump day, but that don't mean you can't jam the fuck out. Enjoy!

yours until the pop fizzes,

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