A Rust In the Shine


Hat (Thrifted) | Shoes (Bluenotes) | Coat (H&M) | Black Jeans (Bluenotes) | Striped Turtleneck (F21) | Rings (F21, H&M) | Bracelete (souvenir from Paris)
- What's up? 
 The best time to wear a stripe sweater...is all the time! Nothing but monochromatic lines to keep any fall palette sleek and classic. And yes, this look is just as comfy as it looks in the pictures. For me, the lack of colour in my wardrobe had never threatened me to dress more vibrantly or wear less solid colours. I've always been overwhelmed with the numerous colour combinations on the spectrum I could lay out in endless outfit opportunities. Over the years, monochrome has always served me best as the central anchor to all my feelings - ecstatic, dismal, mischievous, sinister. Like me, it was always simple yet mysterious; easy-to-wear-and-pair. Speaking of simplicity, my boyfriend and I had a classic Friday night of home-made spaghetti, red wine and getting down to good music. School has been treating me well as of recent (lots of events and good people). But alas, Halloween is just around the corner and I still need to figure out who or what I'll be channeling this year.

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

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yours until the leaves rust,

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