No More Holidays


Sweater (F21) | Jeans (American Eagle) | Shoes (Aldo) | Choker (Ebay)
- What's up?
Another summer gone out the window, another girl with post-holiday sickness. I haven't fully recovered from the thick, hot and sweat-filled summer days and the restless nights that would go on forever. Ask me if I'm excited for the cold, the snow, the rain, temperatures dropping and extra layers coming out - and I'll show you a picture of me in a dress by the beach with the biggest smile on my face. The best part of parting with summer are the memories you leave with it; different ones each year with different faces. And the worst part is having to park and to settle back into thick jackets and warm drinks to soothe your soul from the cold. I want to do well in school this term and push myself more than usual. I think if I focus more of my time in the present, summer won't be too far away again.
Here is a super simple outfit idea for your first few weeks back to school! Wide-legged pants are a very cheeky way of making you look taller in the leg area, plus it goes great with oversized or tight-fitted tops. I think it's a smart way of looking and feeling comfortable, while looking mindlessly chic doing so.

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

yours in the heat of a moment,

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