Speck in Pink Dust


Wool Coat (UNIF) | Top (UO| Skirt (F21) | Shoes (Doc Martens) | Backpack (F21) | Tights (F21)

- What's up?
It's. gunna. be. MAY! Well, it is now. April has been a whirlwind of crazy mixed in with some good times. Moved into my new (temporary) summer home on residence and it only took me and my dad nearly 4 hours. My new home now consists of temperature control, bigger space, a proper kitchen and living room, two bathrooms and two lovely roommates - oh! and a very seductive picture of George Costanza hanging up on the living room wall. It's also located on the 8th floor where an elevator comes in very handy as well as a gorgeous view of the seaside and other buildings along the distance. I also landed a job, finally, working as a grocery clerk for a supermarket in downtown. I don't really need the money, but just the experience for future job positions and applying for my future major. Here's another funny story. My friends and I decided to hit up Celebrities one night and got denied access because we got caught turning up at the backseat of a car. It took us nearly two hours to finally get in but by the time we got in, my feet were ready to cave. I also really REALLY need to stop buying concert tickets.
The shopping gods had praised me highly on the day I snatched this kick-ass wool coat from UNIF at UO for only $20. It was a perfect transition piece from winter cold to spring cold. I am in love with this colour combo of navy blue and dusty rose pink while paired with neutral colours - black and beige. My backpack has also been of outmost use since it carries a lot of my shit in it as well as is less strenuous to balance on just one shoulder. I am particularly in favour of the neckline of this tee because it brings out the more youthful and sweet side of just an average tee. 

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

yours until the cage rumbles,

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