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Dress (Zara) | Coat (F21| Necklace (H&M) | Shoes (thrifted) | Headscarf (vintage store)

- What's up?
This whole week has been non-stop concerts, Coachella-convos, and more exam-time cramming. Had such a lovely time attending the Belle and Sebastian concert at The Vogue; as well as having Stuart Murdoch himself pull me and my friends up on stage to dance with him and the band between songs (along with a few others from the crowd). WHAT a terrific post-birthday to have, besides the usual dinner get-together I had a few days before the concert with my main girls and a little karaoke after. Block Party 2015 was of course, stellar, as well as this funny little moment that happened during one of the Coachella weekends. Oh Madonna, runnin' through the 6 with your kisses. Not gunna lie, events like Coachella always motivate me to get a job, get my license, and hit the road with some good company in the future. Call it overrated, but my high school days always consisted of streaming Coachella online during those study breaks and making lists of acts I really want to see before I die. Meanwhile, first year is wrapping up very sweetly as my last exam will be written this Monday.
This was such an easy and chic outfit to put together especially with the headscarf holding my hair neatly in place and the rest of my hair tied back and away from my face. I think it's really important for a girl to own a good pair of flats in any colour that can go with any outfit just for those days where heels or platforms don't look so appealing for running around the whole day. Also digging the matching swirls and stripes colour combo goin' on with the scarf and the dress (no I did not plan this intentionally). Since the rest of my outfit speaks for itself, gotta keep that accessory game simple and sweet.

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

yours until we start all over again,

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