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Happy February, y'all! I put together four looks to spark a little creativity in your wardrobe functions. Sometimes not following the crowd all the time can be a bit fun. Enjoy!


White Button-Down (Old Navy) | Crop Top (H&M) | Black Pants (Ann Taylor) | Socks (F21) | Shoes (Asos)
Don't be deceived! That top is actually made of two separates - a white button-down and a thick crop-top. I think pairing the both creates a great splash of that masculine/feminine look that has been sported in fashion for years. A simple button-down can get a tad bit boring after reusing for its same purpose over and over, so adding another layer to it adds a little bit more flavour to the mix. Because this button-down had a looser fit to it, the skin-grabbing tightness of the crop top is perfectly matched to the easiness of the button down. 


Polo Jeans Co. Shirt (Thrifted) | Skirt (F21) | Socks (F21) | Shoes (Call It Spring)
Who doesn't love a good pair of heels? Pair it with a pair of charismatic socks and the entire ensemble is immediately jazzed up. In this outfit, ankle socks create a much more sensual feel because of the tiny peep of colour on the bottom. From the socks up, more skin is exposed but not all skin is revealed which is adds such a subtle hint of vulgarity and playfulness. Often this look can be overlooked as old-fashioned, but it really depends on how it's styled.


White-Collared Shirt (London) | Skirt (F21) | Socks (F21) | Shoes (Aldo)
Throwback to the days of youth and innocence - let's bring them back. I think a hair bow adds a sweet charm to the overall characteristic of an outfit because it is so dainty and unexpected when your head swings side-by-side. It really compliments well to the ladies with long hair and adds a mild flare for the ones with medium-length hair. I got this bow from H&M that came with a bow attached to the hair tie in a loose manner. It has served me well on days I want to look younger, but not through diminishing my entire outfit.


Black Fur Coat (F21) / Collared Shirt (London) | Skirt (F21) | Socks (F21) | Black Jeans (F21) / Shoes (Aldo) / Beanie (8th + Main)
Sweet! You made it to the last outfit. This one's for all the glam-punk babes who go for those twists in simple outfits. Wearing a fur coat by itself sometimes can often be too overwhelming in terms of appearance and adding a slouchy beanie to it immediately tones down the luxury of the fur coat to a sweet equilibrium of tomboy meets girly-girl. Since the fur coat was already big in its size, pairing it with a pair of slim-tight jeans can elongate your look even more by adding length to your entire outfit. 

Photography by Priya Bhatti.

yours until the penny drops,

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