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Let's cut to the chase shall we? Here are quick 10 facts about who this chick is before she goes anywhere deeper with the facts: 
1. My name is Marissa Hooi.
2. am currently a first year Science student at UBC with a major flare for arts on the side.
3. Besides religiously following all things fashion, I am a huge photography addict. From digital to film, you name it.
4. When I'm not busy reading a book or listening to music, you can find me smuggling into random photo booths with my friends.
5. If it's pizza, it's mine.
6. I love to travel. My dream would be to see almost all of Europe before I die. 
7. When it comes to simplicity, I tend to draw inspiration from beautiful French icons of the 60s such as Jane Birkin, Francoise Hardy, etc. 
8. When it comes down to everything else, I tend to draw inspiration from everything around me: the environment, other people, social media, my mom, magazines, etc.
9. I think winks are underrated. 
10. My favourite flower is the daisy. 
Think you know me yet? Not quite.

- What does the name of your blog mean? 
The name of my blog originated from an expression I sometimes, if not always, tend to overuse when I was a teen. Whenever I disagreed to do anything anyone told me, I would say: "Never! Nowhere, nohow." I infused this expression into the blog's name to signify my refusal to ever dress up for anyone BUT myself. As well, to never dress to impress but only to express. 
- What goes on here? 
EVERYTHING. From music I've been feelin' to current items I've been obsessing over lately; expect a grotesque variety of all different sorts of exposure into my world. Of course, week by week outfits that will hopefully inspire your wardrobe or if not, for appreciation. 
- Why blogging? 
Fame, fame, doin' it for the...just kidding. For the next few years, I don't want to be just known as 'that girl in Science'. This blog is a journey for me and a future reflection of mine as I gradually leave my days of youth and exemption. Thus I've concluded that blogging would be the best resource to help keep me record of this journey of mine. I'm not doing this for anyone but for my own to observe how my style will or have evolved over time.
- Lastly...Who can read my blog? 
Anyone who's anyone with a pair of eyes, a passion for fashion and an open mind with a little bit of cheek. 

Whew! With all that info out of the way, kick back, sit tight and enjoy the ride with me. 

yours until i stop living in dreams,

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